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Silky satins is every cross dressers dream. It’s right up there along with being in a relationship with a beautiful woman, someone who actually likes him to wear silky satin lingerie and beautiful feminine clothes. Well, believe it or not, there are women out there who love their partners to wear feminine clothes, to the point of taking them right out of their closets and lingerie drawers. Many women are far more open to the idea than you may imagine. Some women love the idea of their partners wanting to slip into their silky lingerie slips and nightwear, and even wearing their clothes, yet most cross dressers would never imagine that such women exist are. There are some beautifully descriptive accounts of the joys of wearing silk satin lingerie and satin clothes with that special someone.

Silky Satin Lingerie

Here at Silky satins we believe that partners in a loving relationship should be open and frank with each other, whilst exercising respect for each others feelings. There is no reason why they cannot overcome any obstacle. Many women in deep relationships with cross dressing men have commented on how this has improved their relationships. This new side and added persona have enhanced the relationship both in and out of the bedroom. They have increased the joys of shopping and sharing, especially in those beautiful feminine things like choosing clothes and makeup. Doing these things together are just of the few areas where they have experienced a new found level of sharing, and it has been said that it works at a deep and intimate level.

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Many cross dressers are afraid to confess their love for silky satin clothes and lingerie. even to there wives, mainly due to fear of rejection. If its handled sensitively however, most loving partners are far more open to the idea than you may think. It’s also no big secret that many cross dressing males become far more relaxed about life in general once their partners accept this side of them, and this is more so when they are in a loving and supportive relationship. They also find it easier to cope with life’s pressures when they feel loved and accepted for exactly who they are by a partner who truly cares about their needs. So take heed if you love to wear silky satin and beautiful feminine clothes, because you too could be enjoying the love and support of a partner who truly cares and truly understands your female side.