What's Your Favorite Satin Colour? - Chloe's Silks and Satins What's Your Favorite Satin Colour? - Chloe's Silks and Satins

What’s Your Favorite Satin Colour?

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  1. Two favourites for me. Black and ivory.

    • Chloe says:

      mmmmmm yessssssss Dee, I adore white but there is something very smoldering, passionate, and sexy about silky black satin lingerie and nightwear.

  2. Berta Cder says:

    I’m with you, Chloe, White Satin, especially the fine charmeuse satin, does me in! I probably have 10 or more white satin gowns! (Note my profile pic.) Second is Black, followed by Gold, Pink and all shades of Blue. Additionally I like the Reds and Silver/Grey’s. The same for my satin lingerie and, everyday wearing, spandex satin panties. Guess, in the end also like you, if it’s a beautiful silky satin I’ll wear it no matter what the color! There is no feeling that matches or even comes close to that of fine satin caressing the whole body!!

  3. Chris says:

    I love sleeping in satin pyjamas and satin bedding, it is the most luxurious sensual feeling to sleep in every night.

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